About The Hope Chest for Women

The Hope Chest for Women Western North Carolina (WNC) patient support program has three main goals:

1) To provide outreach and support to an estimated 500 cancer patients per year. We attend and organize cancer support groups across our community. Our referral and program services provide local and national support to women with a cancer diagnosis. We visit local chemotherapy treatment rooms to comfort and provide assistance to patients in treatment.

2) We attend health fairs, workshops and events to promote cancer awareness and prevention. Our goal is to reach an estimated 1500 WNC residents per year. Through advocacy efforts we stress the importance of cancer screening and early detection. We educate women on programs that provide free or reduced cost screening.

3) To provide medical and non medical bill pay assistance to women diagnosed with breast or gynecologic cancer. We budget between $30,000.00 and $35,000.00 a year for mini-grants to pay providers on behalf of our clients.  On average we provide $250-350 in assistance per women a year. Our maximum assistance per client is $500 a year. We refer them to additional local support agencies once our maximum is reached. We serve an estimated number of 150 women a year with direct financial assistance to providers on their behalf.

The Hope Chest relies heavily on donations and contributions to have money available for applicants who have demonstrated economic necessity and proven eligibility. All money raised in the Hope Chest for Women WNC program will stay in our community to support women living across WNC.

Since 2003, we have awarded over $200,000.00  in assistance to women in WNC and helped an estimated 1000 women in our community.  Our main support program directly serves the Western North Carolina Community.

Eligibility is based on need regardless of attending physician, religious affiliation, income level, race or any other discriminating factor. Our service area in Western North Carolina includes 22 counties.  To donate money to support Hope Chest, visit https://fundly.com/that-dam-swim-2018#donate.  To learn more about The Hope Chest for Women, visit http://hopechestforwomen.org/about-us/.